Meal Prepping

by jessica on October 2, 2015


I have my best weeks when I spend time on Sunday to meal prep. Every Sunday I pre-measure out baggies of fruits and veggies for snacking. It’s a lot easier to take healthy snacks to-go when they are already portioned out. Investing just 2-3 hours on a Sunday for meal prep, and my whole week feels a little easier and a lot healthier.

I’m meal planning ALL THE TIME. Now that it’s a habit, if I don’t meal plan I’m standing in my kitchen clueless.


Here are my favorite things to cook on Sundays so that I can be ready for a busy week with delicious meals:

21 Day Fix Mini Meatloaves
Skinnytaste Taco Chicken Chili
Italian Sausage & Broccoli (this is just pre-cut my broccoli and have the sausage ready, don’t make ahead)
Slow Cooker Chicken Verde 
Balsamic Pork

Other ideas that don’t require a recipe…


  • Cook up a pound of taco meat for meals all week (nachos, tacos, taco salads)
  • Pre-portion out your smoothie ingredients for faster breakfasts
  • Make up a bowl of tuna salad or chicken salad and portion out for lunches (great with crackers)
  • Pre-bake a couple sweet potatoes
  • Roast a big pan of veggies for dinner side dishes all week long

Always on hand…


21 Day Fix containers are useful even after day 21

  • Pre-portioned baggies of baby carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, etc.
  • Pre-portioned baggies of fresh fruit including frozen grapes for late night snacking
  • Cups of plain 2% Greek yogurt (I try to portion this out from the big tubs to save $$)
  • Cups of hummus or other dips


Pre-portioning the meals you eat away from home is key!

What has made consistently eating healthy EASY for me is meal prep. You have to have your snacks pre-packed and ready to go. I even have my lunches for the whole week portioned out on Sunday night. It’s easy to get busy during the week and throw your meal plan out the window if you don’t put in the 2 hours on Sunday to prep. I promise you, prep is everything.


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