Blue Diamond Almonds | Easy Summer Salad

by jessica on July 29, 2014

I love summer so much – grilling out, beach days, patio drinking, impromptu cookouts…

Summer is just the best. That is until those impromptu cookouts end up at your house and you have little to no food in your house. Do olives count as a side dish?

Luckily for me, I always have roasted beets (best veg in my humble opinion), almonds, and cheese. With those three ingredients you can not only make a great salad, but it’s gonna look fancy. Your friends are going to think you are the hostess with the mostess.


I suppose you could use any almonds, but I really love these rosemary black pepper flavor from Blue Diamond.

Almond Crusted Goat Cheese:

  • 1 4oz. package of plain goat cheese, room temp
  • 1 cup of chopped rosemary black pepper almonds
  • Salad fixings of your choice

In a small bowl stir up the goat cheese. You want it to be very soft so that you can form it into balls. In a separate small bowl, add the chopped almonds. Using a cookie scooper, scoop up some goat cheese and place it in the bowl of almonds.


Roll the goat cheese around in the almonds to evenly coat. Seriously, use a cookie scoop. Goat cheese is not easy to work with so hand rolling is a pain.

Four ounces of goat cheese makes 6 balls. Store any extras in the fridge. They keep for a couple of days, but are best when fresh.


That’s one fancy salad.

Full disclosure: Blue Diamond sent me the almonds to blog about, but all opinions are my own.


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