Happiness Highlights

by jessica on March 31, 2014

Happiness Highlights for the week of 3/24/14 – 3/30/14:

- Abby and I treated ourselves with mani-pedis. We got pampered, caught up, and finished the night with dinner. Now that my toes are ready for spring, I just need spring weather to show up!

- Went to yoga at the new studio in Beloit. Loved it! I love that there is now yoga in Beloit!

- Had a dinner date with Mags. I missed her so much. Can’t wait to start doing that more often!

- Meatloaf panini day at Bushel & Peck’s is my favorite day of the week. Good food can make me so happy.

- I went on a Gap clearance shopping spree. 50% off of vnecks makes me very happy. I could live in those shirts. I practically do.

- I taught my first yoga class! It was wonderful. I will remember it forever. The sun was pouring through the windows. The students were shining. I loved it.

- Finally went to Merchant in Madison! Been dying to go there. We had celebrating to do this weekend, and it was the perfect spot.

- Did so much spring cleaning this weekend. My house feels lighter! The windows are open and the clutter is gone. The house is happy and I am happy!

What made you happy last week?


Wolf Peach

March 27, 2014

This week my best friend, Maggie, and I decided we needed to go celebrate life. Being the fun loving gals that we are, we chose to have this celebration at Wolf Peach in Milwaukee. I’d been dying to go there. They have house bottled cocktails, a communal table, a wood fire pizza oven, and mismatched […]

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Happy Monday!

March 24, 2014

Happiness Highlights for the week of 3/17/14 – 3/23/14: – I was so lucky this year on St. Patrick’s Day. I spent it in Ireland with my friend Christin! I had work meetings in Ireland last week so I added an extra day and had some fun time! We had a blast! I got to […]

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Happiness Highlights

March 17, 2014

Happiness Highlights for the week of 3/10/14 – 3/16/14: – Abby and I finished season 3 of Game of Thrones. Excited for season 4. I’m so addicted to that show. – Found a new coffee shop  and I love it. They also make killer scones. Made for a happy breakfast. – Had a sushi date […]

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Brown Butter Blondies

March 12, 2014

So I haven’t blogged in over a week. I missed my first Monday Happiness Highlights post ever! I don’t have a good excuse. To be honest, I  had nothing to blog about. Since coming back from Ireland, all I’ve done is work a lot, sleep, and watch Game of Thrones. Nothing  worthy of putting on […]

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