by jessica on November 23, 2014

It took me 2 1/2 years but I finally had a party at my house. I had brunch party one time, but this was a full on dinner party with cocktails, a cheese board, and dinner. It was grown up style.


It even had its own napkin. That is some fancy grown-up shit right there. All joking aside, I’ve been in such a grateful mood these days that I decided to invite some cool Beloiters over for dinner, drinks, and Cards Against Humanity.


The cranberry sangria was no joke. I was paying for it until noon today. What is it about wine with fruit in it that takes away all of my self-control?


On the menu – turkey sliders with cranberry bbq sauce & apple celery slaw, sweet corn spoonbread, a huge kale salad, and roasted sweet potatoes with Simon & Garfunkel sauce. Yes, Simon & Garfunkel. It was pretty much fate that this sauce would find its way into my kitchen. I will be forever indebted to Smitten Kitchen for this sauce.


Not all of my loves could come, but they were not forgotten. I drank their portion of the sangria and ate their servings of pumpkin bars. Friendsgiving was a fabulous success. We laughed a lot, I got wine drunk, and Mickey even sat on my lap for awhile. It was a damn near perfect night.


Until I woke up and my whole body hurt. Thank goodness for penguin fuzzy socks, big bowls of cereal, and tv marathons. Somehow I still managed to have a very productive Sunday. You would never even know I had a party here last night (unless you looked in my recycling bin). The house is spotless, meals prepped, and I even went to yoga! Yes, I finally made it to a class. My body has been begging for a yoga class. Sometimes a home practice can’t give you everything you really need. Tonight’s class was epic. Based on the flow, everything Lisa said, and the playlist, the Universe meant for me to be there.


Yoga left me walking on a cloud of awesome so I came home and made pizza! That Simon & Garfunkel sauce made for a great pizza with some kale, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and shaved parm. Seriously you need to buy these pizza crusts. I love turning leftovers into pizza on these crusts. They crisp up really well too. Every night is going to be pizza night this week. Well except Thursday.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I feel ready to tackle this very short week and get back to spending time with my loved ones!



November 10, 2014

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