101 in 1001

These are my 101 challenges to complete in 1001 days. The original post is here. My goal is to complete these by October 5th, 2013. Because life throws a curve ball now and then, I may change my list as time goes on, but in the end I will have completed 101 in 1001.


1.  Attend a blogger conference  Done! 8/19/11-8/21/11

2. Double readership from December 2010 levels Done! August 2011

3. Attend Fitbloggin (added on 8/28/11 and replaced Compete in Project Food Blog)

4. Make a light box

5. Redesign the blog DONE! 2/6/11

6. Buy a Flip cam and create a video post series

7. Plan a blogger meet-up with other local bloggers


8. Attend Foodbuzz Done! 10/20/12 – 10/22/12

9. Make homemade pie crust Done! 10/15/11

10. Overcome my fear of baking bread Done! 11/5/11

11. Make homemade tomato sauce

12. Eat dinner at L’Etoile

13. Make my own peanut butter

14. Bake perfect macarons

15. Host a wine and cheese party

16. Cook Thanksgiving dinner Done! ! 11/24/11

17. Host a dinner party

18. Have a picnic lunch

19. Eat at Xoco and get a churro for dessert no matter how full I feel Done! 9/15/12

20. Go on a Milwaukee Food Tour

21. Make my own ice cream

22. Visit the Chicago French Market Done! 10/1/11

23. Visit the National Mustard Museum Done! 8/26/12

24. Make homemade jam DONE! 9/24/11

25. Go apple picking

26. Cook with tofu DONE!  3/2/11

27. Have dinner at Girl & Goat in Chicago

28. Make hot chocolate from scratch DONE! 2/2/11

29. Learn how to grill a steak

30. Learn how to can my own food DONE! 9/24/11

31. Make Cornish pasties


32. Go to NYC Done! 2/28/13

33. Go to Boston Done! 10/21/11-10/24/11

34. Go to NorCal and experience wine countryDONE! and DONE! and DONE! 6/15/11-6/18/11

35. Party in Vegas

36. Have a butter beer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

37. Have a drink at the top of the Hancock building

38. Go to Seattle and drink lots of coffee Done! 4/13/12

39. Run the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art like Rocky DONE! 08/19/11

40. Take a legit staycation DONE! 7/5/12-7/8/12

41. Go on a road trip DONE! 4th of July weekend 2011


42. Go to Bastille Days and Storm the Bastille

43. Run in a trail run race DONE! 11/19/11

44. Volunteer with Girls on the Run (or a similar org)

45. Run Crazylegs

46.Run an obstacle race DONE! 3/31/12

47. Save up for a Garmin Forerunner DONE! 7/19/11

48. Run the Riverwest Beer Run

49. Run a sub 30 minute 5k

50. Run the Chicago Rock N Roll Half Marathon DONE! 08/14/11

51.  Run the Miller Park Sausage 5k



52. Complete a 30 day yoga challenge (Replaced 200-hr RYT teacher training on 11/20/2011) DONE! 5/30/12

53. Have a yoga party with friends (Replaced teach power flow yoga on 4/7/2012)

54. Go on a yoga retreat

55. Take a hot yoga class DONE! 1/29/11


56. Compete in a triathlon DONE! 6/26/11

57. Do a pull-up (my weak arms have never done one)

58. Take tennis lessons (get back to a competitive level) DONE! 2/21/11

59. Take golf lessons DONE! 4/17/12

60. Go downhill skiing

61. Take a spin class Done! 10/17/11

62. Get to my ideal weight

63. Complete Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred In Progress! Done! 9/27/11

64. Join a boot camp Done! 05/14/12

65. Swim an 8 minute 500 free

66. Learn how to rock climb (on a wall)

67. Take a Bar Method class

68. Run the bridges in Beloit DONE! 4/02/11

69. Go hiking at Rock Cut Done! 8/11/12

70. Ride the Military Ridge Trail

71. Learn how to stand-up paddleboard Done! 9/18/12


72. Sew a dress

73. Knit a hat

74. Make my own Christmas cards

75. Make homemade Christmas presents for my family


76. Pay off my non-student loan debt

77. Adopt a dog

78. Participate in Locks for Love

79. Start contributing to my 401K  Done! 11/12

80. Read all 7 Harry Potter books

81. Make a snowman

82. Join a trivia team

83. See Wicked

84. Go to Concerts on the Square

85. Join a CSA

86. Join a book club DONE! 6/13/12

87. Regain some of my French speaking skills

88. Sing karaoke

89. Host a party for St. Oliver Plunkett day

90. Go back and volunteer with my sorority (Sig Kap! Sig Kap!)

91. Clean out my closet and donate the clothes to a women’s shelter DONE! December 2011

92. Have an Office marathon with Abby DONE! December 2011

93. Join a young professionals networking group DONE! 05/11/11

94. Go to my 5 year reunion weekend at Marquette

Personal Challenges

95. Stay off social media for a whole day Done! 9/2/12

96. Keep my iPhone turned off for a whole day

97. Eat in every meal for 30 days

98. Go vegan for 30 days In progress! DONE! 3/08/11

99. Eat all meals from one bag of groceries for one week

100. Spend 0$ for one month (only groceries, gas, and bills allowed)

101. Save 5 vacation days to roll over to the next year DONE! December 2011

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