Five For Friday

by jessica on February 17, 2012

1. The only tea that actually cures anything

photo 1.JPG
No really. Every time I drink it, my sore throat goes away. It’s magic.
2. Bread bowls

photo 1.JPG
Soup is just better when the bowl is delicious chewy sourdough bread. That’s a fact. You can’t even argue against it. I’d love to see you try…and fail.
3. Bacon. In. Everything.

photo 2.JPG
Yes this blog has healthy in the name, but even healthy people need treats. Bacon is the ultimate treat. Put it in a chocolate chip cookie and you will be the most popular girl on the 4th floor. If I ever feel my job is in jeopardy, I am baking another batch of these and bringing them to work.
4. How did I forget how delicious egg salad is?

photo 1.JPG
I do not eat egg salad often enough. I wonder why that is…well now that I’ve made it with red curry powder, I’m sure I will be having it much more often.
5. This is one meme that I will never EVER get sick of

hey girl i love it when you wear your yoga pants all day.jpg
Mostly because Ryan Gosling is a sexy bitch, but also because I hope that out there somewhere is a man ok with a woman wearing yoga pants all day. If you find said man, give him my number.
What’s your five this week?

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