Travel Time

by jessica on March 15, 2012

Today has been bananas. I can’t wait to put on my sweats and go to sleep.

It all started with me waking up for work at 7:15. I’m usually sitting at my desk by 7:15. Ugh. Not the best way to start what was already going to be a long day.

Naturally I decided to have a balanced breakfast – the final snickerdoodle blondie. It’s probably nutritionally better than a donut. No not probably, definitely.

After a busy morning, I raced home to finish packing. I was supposed to pack last night, but instead I sat on a patio drinking beer. I do this to myself. Don’t feel bad for me.

You know, when the power is out you realize how useful it is…and that you can only get into your house through the garage…

Mom and Dad – I need a house key. Please and thank you. Love, Jess


Thankfully I still made it to the airport on time. Too bad American was running so behind schedule. Luckily for me they were accommodating.

New airline. New itinerary. Now let’s all pray that my luggage ends up in Phoenix. This is why you should always keep the essentials like a toothbrush, candy, and your stuffed dog in your carry-on.

Frozen yogurt is essential for layovers. Trust me, it helps.

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katie March 16, 2012 at 5:29 am

I hope you made it there girl! Traveling can be SO fun sometimes, not really 😉

LOVE swedish fish!

Happy Friday! <3


Jessica March 18, 2012 at 10:52 am

Swedish fish are my favorite candy…well tied with tootsie rolls!


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