Ugly Food

by jessica on June 11, 2012

I really hate packing. Hate it with a passion. I walked down into my basement and saw all my boxes from last year…filled with dishes, books, movies, random shit…I immediately became overwhelmed. This is grown-up business and I am not a grown-up. Bite your tongue. Now is a terrible time to be counting calories because these are the times when I need a brownie.

After skipping spin class for three solid weeks (or was it four?), I managed to get up and go this morning. Oy vey. It’s like I never went to a spin class before in my life. I was completely drained at the end of class – just how I like it. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of emptiness after a good workout. You know what I mean? That nothing left to give kind of feeling.  

Recently Updated33.jpg

I eat some seriously hideous meals. It might not be pretty food but it sure is delicious.


Spin in the morning, Fit Mixer workout, and Mean Abs June. I die.

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