MF-ing Adult

by jessica on June 15, 2012

So this happened today…


I’ve been hinting at it and if we are facebook friends, you already knew. I just didn’t want to jinx it by blogging about it. I also like the element of surprise.

The first half of 2012 has been interesting. There’s been a lot of highs and lows. A lot of love and a lot of tears. Weekends that filled my heart to the point where I thought it might burst…and weekends spent wallowing on the couch in sweatpants. I’ve had a lot of growing pains. The thing about growing pains is that all the discomfort and tears make you stronger. It’s amazing how living at home for a year can really help you get your shit together. I had a great life in Madison, and I thought I was an adult. I mean hello I had been living on my own and paying rent since I was 20! I was a fool. It wasn’t until I swallowed my pride, packed my things away, and moved back into the room with glow in th dark stars on the ceiling that I realized I was not an adult. I was out there living in the real world, but I was not an adult.

So over the course of this last year, I put on my big girl pants (or in my case, a big girl dress) and became a MF-ing adult. I finally feel like my life is together. This is no longer a bad reality tv show over here.

Apparently at the end of this crash course in adulthood, homeownership is the final exam.


I passed.

I’m scared as hell, but unlike the fear I was feeling a few months ago I know this is the good fear. This is the fear that makes you strong.

So now that I’m a homeowner, I’ve made a list of the things I want to do in my home.

Make homemade ginger beer

Make kombucha

Do yoga on my patio

Put a tile backsplash up in the kitchen

Host a brunch party for my friends

Create a patio veggie garden

Host a wine & cheese party

Paint at least one room entirely on my own

My timeline? Oh you know…by October. It sounds so far away but it will be here before I know it! Get ready for a lot Pinterest project posts!

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