All Warmed Up

by jessica on July 8, 2012

Today I finally had a condo warming party. Now when you have a party, you have to have all your favorite things. I’m a simply lady. My favorite things?

Check, Check, Check.


Childhood friends, blog friends, work friends, college friends. Blessed!

I am beyond blessed. I have amazing friends. More than I can count on my fingers, but they all fit comfy cozy in the condo. I loved having them all in one place at one time. Although I was missing my friends that couldn’t make it too!


Brunch without alcohol is just breakfast. Mimosas and bloody mary’s are the main ingredient in brunch. This is non-negotiable for me. If you invite me for brunch and there is an absence of alcohol, just invite me over for breakfast.


Look at that spread!


So. Many. Toppings.


Even made muffins with Chobani! (Recipe up tomorrow)


I had about a dozen bowls all with different combinations, but the best combination by far? Vanilla Chobani with honey granola, strawberries, raspberries, and chocolate chips. Is it dessert? Is it breakfast? Who cares!

This brunch was a success. My condo is officially warmed. My heart is warmed too.

Thank you to my friends some who traveled quite a ways! Thank you to Chobani for providing the yogurt. You guys rock! You can’t really have a brunch party without the Cho! Thank you for warming my condo up for many more parties. I think we set the bar pretty high!

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