This Might Be Flirting

by jessica on July 9, 2012

I’m a flirt. I know it. I flirt with everyone. Shamelessly.

Lately, I’ve been flirting with my treadmill.

photo 3.JPG

Hey good lookin

The other day, I plugged it in and turned it on. Then laughed and turned it off. Before London I even walked on it for 30 minutes. Today, I stopped being a flirt. I laced up my Mizunos, turned on my treadmill, and ran.

photo 2.JPG

Hi Mizunos, you feel funny on my feet. I haven’t worn you in ages!

Ok, it was not my finest run. My heart wasn’t in it. My attitude towards it was shit. I know it needs to be baby steps. Running and I ended on a bad note. A ten mile bad note. A streak of terrible runs for over a month. Like any relationship, you can just get back together and think it will be grand. You have to work out your problems. Put in the effort to make it better. I need to get my mind in a better place about running. I need to forgive myself for my terrible half in Washington. I need to forgive myself for not running Chicago 13.1. I need to forgive and forget.

photo 1.JPG

So this is me putting in the effort. This is me trying to find my passion for running. I know it’s there. I know it will come back. I didn’t fall head over heels with running on the first go. I started off running 10 minutes. Then I ran 11 minutes. Then I started measuring my runs in miles…one mile, one and half miles, etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going back to my basics. I need It worked in 2010. It will work in 2012.

Dear Treadmill,

Are you available on Tuesday? Maybe we can hang out again? I really want to make this work.


Vogel xoxo

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