Cheer Me Up

by jessica on July 17, 2012

So Monday night took an interesting turn…I’m sorry to my twitter followers for my meltdown.

I’m all better though. Promise.

It’s the little things that cheer me up.


My dad came over to my house at 10pm because I have a mouse. He’s a lifesaver, that man. Superhero, really. All I know is that I thought I was going to die or have to burn the place to the ground, but he came to the rescue

photo 3.JPG

Getting something other than bills and junk mail is ALWAYS exciting. Even if it is protein powder I knew I was getting in the mail. It’s delicious protein powder and it’s more exciting than my car payment!


It’s text messages from my friends when I need them most…you know when there’s a mother effing mouse in your house…or when you are ready to pull your hair out at work. It’s like friends can sense you need to them to make you smile right then and there.

photo 1.JPG

Big Bang Theory Marathons. Greatest TV marathon ever. The HIlls is a close second. Gluing myself to my couch on a Saturday night for a tv marathon? Perfection. It’s what makes me happy these days!

photo 2.JPG

I’m rather obsessed with family time these days. Family time at Red Mango? Always delightful.

What’s cheering you up/making you smile/warming your heart?

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