So College

by jessica on August 5, 2012

I left work on Friday and never looked back. This was a weekend of shopping, brunching, and drinking with friends. I had girls night and a bachelorette party on the calendar for this weekend, and neither disappointed! I have some pretty fantastic friends so of course my weekend was fantastic.

In Madison on Friday, my friend Mere and i shopped, dined, drank, and brunched. What more can you ask for?

photo 4.JPG

Oh Lazy Janes…the gem of Willy St! I die for those scones.

photo 1.JPG

After brunch (and a quick Trader Joe’s run), I headed home for some relaxing. I live two miles from my parents’ house yet I laid out on my patio. I was too tired for more driving. I even fell asleep out on my patio so it’s a good thing I set an alarm. I needed my rest because Saturday night was my friend’s bachelorette party. I love bachelorette parties. Bring on the craziness!

photo 3.JPG

The theme of the bachelorette party was preppy. We had planned on golfing but we were rained out. It’s a shame because I think I had the perfect golf attire – popped collar and pearls!

photo 2.JPG

We might not have been able to golf, but we were still able to drink. And drink we did! We were a fun group. I had a bit too much fun though…

the spins gif.gif

This is how I felt when I woke up this morning


I spent my entire morning in bed. Dying. The thing is, I was completely sober when I went to bed. I felt fine and I drank a glass of water. This morning I woke up and couldn’t even get out of be until 1:05 pm. Wow. I felt so college. I’m a MF-ing adult…that apparently gets wastey and lays around hungover all morning. I guess some weekends you have to relive your past!

Once I was a functioning person, I drank a gallon of water, met a friend for frozen custard, and did laundry. Pretty exciting stuff. I guess I’m not so college after all. If I was I would have spent my afternoon drinking and eating Taco Bell.

Pretty sure I will pay for this fun at the gym tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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