by jessica on September 17, 2012


Just go there.

It’s Xoco…pronounced show-coh.

Rick Bayless is a genius. The food is locally sourced and the hot chocolate is made to order. No seriously. They grind the beans fresh for each cup. Oh and the churros are fried to order too.

Fresh, local, tasty food. My heart just burst.

So when my girlfriends and I planned a weekend in Chicago, I told them to meet me at Xoco and our weekend would start there.


The menu overwhelmed me. Every single dish sounded fantastic.


If you go to Xoco and you order a water, we cannot be friends. You need to order an agua fresca. The hibiscus lemongrass is refreshing. Or you could order the horchata. I love horchata. I have yet to meet a horchata that I didn’t like.


Their horchata is perfectly creamy. Erin said it reminded her of a milkshake.


Maggie and Erin both ordered the hibiscus & lemongrass agua fresca.


When I fly into O’Hare terminal 3, the first place I stop is Tortas Frontera for this guac. Dear Rick Bayless, you won me over with your guacamole.


Ahogada: Golden pork carnitas, black beans, tomato broth, spicy arbol chile sauce, pickled onions

I ordered the ahogada torta because it was a dine-in only torta and because I love pickled onion. When I ordered they asked if I wanted it mild, medium, or hot. I thought hey I’m no pansy. I’ll take it medium. My lips are still burning. I should have gone with mild. I couldn’t pop a zantac fast enough! Delicious but hot.


My solution? Take the torta out of the broth. Still spicy. A little less messy. Still delicious.

Now I have had Xoco on my 101 in 1001 list from the beginning. All I have ever wanted is a churro and a fresh cup of hot chocolate.


Boom. One freshly ground cup of hot chocolate and one freshly fried churro.


Dip the churro in the hot chocolate. It’s the only way.

Go for the tortas. Stay for the churros.

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