About Jessica

The basics: econ nerd, runner, yoga dork, workaholic, health nut, Trader Joe’s enthusiast, and occasional beer drinker.

I’ve always loved baking

I live in the great state of Wisconsin, live and die with my Green Bay Packers, and I love cheese.

A good work-out is the best cure for a crappy day…or a giant glass of wine…maybe both.

I’m passionate about food trends, food festivals, food trucks, food tours, and food in general.

In my world, beer is a food group.

I believe everything is fine in moderation, including moderation.

Yoga makes me a better person. Running makes me a healthy person. Food makes me a happy person.

If you have any questions about me or my blog, please contact me:

Twitter: @jessicavogel

Email: vogel {dot} jess {at} gmail {dot} com

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